Friday, 27 April 2012

My comment to 'How to negotiate a contract with a cloud or SaaS provider'

Yesterday I read a wise post in InfoWorld: How to negotiate a contract with a cloud or SaaS provider by Mary Shacklett (@MaryShacklett).

I really think it's important we enlight the market on a reasonable level! So I wrote a "short" comment.

Seems like it takes some time (too long time for post momentums) to approve my comment (most probably because of my attached link). I post it here anyway...

Short breakout:
"What's important?Large enterprises have their own legal departments, but most small businesses don't. Small businesses and even enterprises are also very likely to not have a complete file of all of their contracts or not read all of their contracts end to end. A good practice is to

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Cloud Washing…does it REALLY matter

Look at it from another perspective… The customers’ perspective. Does cloud washing really matter then?

I’m working at a Nordic IT outsourcing provider and have together with them delivered IT as a Service since 1997 (I'm now more on my own: I’m personally very into cloud services and how and why companies should adopt it. I’m also very into how IT service providers (cloud or “classics”) should think to give customers value and increase efficiency to become more productive. Therefor I’m not only talking cloud.

When I, with the option of three different subjects, asked what readers wanted to read as my next post they all (3…hm…well) pointed at Cloud Washing with the comment that it is important that people become aware of washed cloud services. The post was published in the beginning of this week on Know Your Cloud as Cloud Washing – Don’t End Up Washing Your IT with False Clouds. Though; from the beginning my intention was to talk about whether the washing of a service to a “cloud service” really matters as long as it kills customer pains.

Friday, 20 April 2012

Just a little tweet tip

When repeatadly doing #FF's (Follow Friday) about a lot of people (= a lot of tweets) on Twitter: Mix the people from time to time. FF's are intended to make people follow each other and if it's the same every week; no change, no adds. By default people don't read FF's which not mention themselves.

@RichardBordes are really good at this. Salute! I'm not that good at FF-ing at all...but sometimes I try...

So; mix - makes people connect!

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

#CloudWisdom 19

Ok, so you've adopted a cloud washed service:

No rush. If the service works well and you don’t have big plans for your business, take it easy but don’t make new investments or enrollments within the service. Start scanning the market and grab the pure cloud service when you find it.

Monday, 16 April 2012

Post about cloud washing

My post Cloud Washing – Don’t End Up Washing Your IT with False Clouds is now published on Know Your Cloud.

Short break out:

Let’s be clear. Cloud washing is not breaking the law (yet). The problem with cloud washing enters the discussion when we start to talk about money, because that is what it’s really about – you might lose money due to its lack of scalability, adoption issues and lock-in effects. All this because you believed you were adopting a cloud service.

Friday, 13 April 2012

Busy week!

A busy week comes to its end. It included a really nice dinner in Stockholm with and sessions by Anders Trolle Schultz (@TrolleSchultz) and Justin Pirie (@justinpirie) on Microsoft's Sales & Inspiration Day - great event.

I hope my cloud washing post will be published early next week on http://newvem/community

On Monday I will be back with a new post here on In Max Mind.

Have a great weekend all.

Friday, 6 April 2012

Upcoming post about cloud

Happy to tell:

I will publish my upcoming posts about cloud on the Know Your Cloud community

My next post will be about cloud washing and how to choose your cloud operator. I hope you will enjoy it!

Other things in my mind will still be posted here.

Happy Easter everyone!