Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Well, do you understand Cloud?!

Commented the post Does the US understand cloud computing? on ZDNet by  (@ZDNetCharlie).

Short break out:

When asked what "the cloud" was, 29 percent said "a fluffy white thing", whereas only 16 percent connected the phrase with a network used to store, access and share data across Internet-connected devices.
Cloud computing was found to be widely misunderstood. The survey found that:
  • 51 percent of respondents, including a majority of Millennials, believe stormy weather

Monday, 20 August 2012

If I didn't tell you...

I'm back from my 4 week vacation. Lovely vacation at the same time lovely to be back. I hope your summer been good to you as well.

What to expect in the nearest future:

I will continue my compliance series on KnowYourCloud, soon publish a post on Outsourcemagazine about good planning and security. Here on InMaxMind I will publish a post about my year on Twitter and my blog - according to me a pretty amazing time journey. I will also look in to Windows 8 and how it might affect BYOD.

And of course; a lot of comments on the net. Hopefully provocative, interesting and helpful to you in a never ever relaxing IT world.

Hopefully enjoy!


Comment to 'Europe: Lots of cloud opportunity to tap'

Added a short comment to Barb Darrow's (@gigabarb) post Europe: Lots of cloud opportunity to tap on GIGAOM, or maybe more a comment/answer to the comment posted by Davetrw87: "It would be interesting to delve into why cloud computing has developed slower in Europe compared to the US."

Short break out:
"European cloud adoption has happened slower than in the U.S., but there are signs that it’s about to rapidly accelerate. At Structure:Europe, cloud luminaries will talk about how they see this change unfolding and what’s motivating it. Hint:

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Comment to: Cloud Service Providers Challenge Traditional IT Outsourcing

Short comment to the post 'Cloud Service Providers Challenge Traditional IT Outsourcing' by Stephanie Overby (@stephanieoverby) on CIO.com.

Short break out:
"the fastest growing segment of outsourcing--cloud computing services--is expected to nearly double from $3.4 billion in 2011 to $5 billion this year. Even more notable--infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) will contribute 38 percent of the increment outsourcing growth in 2012, compared to 8 percent in 2011. "This is reflective of how difficult the current market