Thursday, 28 March 2013

Cloud > Swedish dictionary

My new Cloud > Swedish dictionary is out on Slideshare

(Supporting) sources: TechTarget, NIST, Wikipedia, Björn Andersson (@diversetips) and Max knowledge & mind.

List will be updated when new information is available.

Please let me know:
  • If you disagree in any description
  • If you miss something
  • If you want it translated to English
  • If you need a copy to re-brand it with your logo etc

Ordbok till Molnet

Uppladdat till Slideshare:

En ordbok till Molnet. Ger dig information om förkortningar, nomenclature, buzz och annat i och kring Molnet.


Kontakta mig:
- Om det är något som saknas, är fel eller behöver adderas
- Om du behöver en ren kopia utan logga etc
- Om du vill att den även ska finnas på engelska

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

LinkedIn SPAM

Something crossed my mind. A comment on LinkedIn:

Sorry, I don’t want to be rude but why do people post ”if you see ‘this’ please Like, Share or Comment” on LinkedIn? Sometimes added with a: “I want to see if LinkedIn works.” Some might say: “Don’t bather” “Mind you own business” “jada jada” and I agree with you. But isn’t this pure SPAM?! Of course LinkedIn works and the result is you get a lot of Likes, profile Views, visibility etc. And if you’ve connected to Klout or similar your score will raise. But did you truly raise your influence, share of knowledge, networking capacity? Don’t think so! Independent of it was act of un- or awareness.

Monday, 18 March 2013

Moln-utbildning 23-24/5

Den 23-24/5 håller jag i trådarna i den moln-utbildning som STF Ingenjörsutbildning AB erbjuder och arrangerar.

Vad är molnet - egentligen? Vi går på djupet och reder ut allt!
En kurs som hjälper dig med att förstå affärsnyttan i att införa molntjänster och förstå molntjänster som koncept och hur detta påverkar både dagens och morgondagens IT-infrastruktur och arbetsmetoder. 
Du utvecklar din beställarkompetens för upphandling av molntjänster.
Läs mer

Kontakta gärna Martin Rawet, STF, eller mig för mer information.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Dare to offer a General SLA

My new column Dare to offer a General SLA is out on Outsource Magazine.

Short break out:

SLA appendices: I’ve seen some bad ones. I’ve seen some good ones. I’ve seen one which was a really good one – and I loved it.

IT service delivery isn’t a senior service provider’s proviso anymore. “We’ve done this for 20 years, no one beats us!” might be a good call but it might also indicate you’re stacked in old habits. Thanks to new service delivery models like cloud computing and techniques like virtualisation etc. almost anyone can deliver quality IT services. It’s really not a problem to deliver for instance an SaaS

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Pay, Ask and Prepare

Commented the post IT Outsourcing Customers Get What They Pay for, Not What They Want by Stephanie Overby (@stephanieoverby) on

Short break out:
"When asked to rate their own talent, outsourcing buyers consider themselves strong in tactical areas such as contract negotiation and service provider selection but weaker in the more strategic fields of improving analytics, driving innovation, and defining business outcomes beyond cost

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Cloud ROI

Yes, there is a problem counting ROI in Cloud computing as Joe McKendrick (@joemckendrick) tell in the post Cloud Computing's ROI Increasingly Elusive, Survey Finds out on Forbes but I will continue to count value, not just numbers all the time. To be able to count value we have to understand Cloud computing and why it should be considered and planned for at the upper levels.

Short break out from Joe McKendricks post:
"Perhaps it’s a result of cloud becoming so tightly interwoven with the business that the potential results may be more far-reaching than a single process or two. Or, perhaps, cloud adoption and usage is expanding deeper into business operations at a faster pace than

Interesting read: What makes a quality Cloud hosting provider? Part 1

Over at Compare the Cloud a interesting read and, as always, a great discussion takes place. It's the post
What makes a quality Cloud hosting provider? Part 1 by Richard May.

Short break out:
"How is the supplier operating the platform? Do you have to compete with other users for resources? How does the platform deal with that contention? Different platforms handle this better than others and as many home broadband providers will notice, services can be slow during school holidays. Fine, but can you afford for your applications to be slow due to similar events occurring which are out of your control? I have heard of instances where providers are contending memory by 4 – 8 times on a server.

Friday, 11 January 2013

Cloud (summ)arise 2012!

2012 was a remarkable year for me in social media. I’ve gained more than 1 000 followers…without any follow back strategy. More than 10’ visitors on the blog and good traffic and sharing on GP’s around the web. Not bad for a rookie I think. Big THANK YOU to all readers, supporters and followers. I truly appreciate it. And by the way… what a remarkable year it was for Cloud Computing.

And by the way...what a remarkeable year it was for Cloud Computing. Who’s not impressed by true cloud…when it makes sense, fulfill needs and works like it’s supposed to?

This is my cloud, and a bit of IT Ooutsourcing and management, summary for 2012.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Enterprises Achilles' heel in Cloud computing

Below is my comment to the post Cloud computing's Achilles' heel: Poor customer service by David Linthicum (@DavidLinthicum) on InfoWorld yesterday.

Short break out from Davids post:
"These days, larger enterprises are investing in public clouds, and they're accustomed to real people talking to them on the phone, account managers in their offices, and cell numbers for support engineers on call around the clock. In other words, they want public cloud providers to offer the same level of customer service as the larger

Friday, 4 January 2013

MMind ad on

Published a MMind ad on the Swedish site (in Västerås):

Hope it will bring some local business. :)

Till er tjänst

Nytt år! Är ni i behov av en extra resurs i ett projekt för projektledning, koordinering eller dokumentering? Behöver ni stöd i en försäljning- eller upphandlingsprocess? Eller ett föredrag om IT-moln på ett lunchseminarium? Kontakta gärna mig. Jag har gedigen erfarenhet inom IT Outsourcing, IT som tjänst och moln av såväl tjänsteutveckling, storytelling, projektledning och avtalsarbeten. Kort startsträcka från en driven, kvalitetsmedveten, målinriktad uppskattad person som vet att värdet för konsumenten är nyckeln till lyckade IT-affärer.


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    Wednesday, 2 January 2013

    Happy 2013!

    A humongous 2012 THANK YOU to all my readers, followers and supporters!
    Happy 2013!

    “May all your cards be live, and your pots be monsters.”

    GP on

    My first and hopefully not the last guest post on Maildistiller is out: Cloud Price War Consequences

    Special thank you to: Sarah-Louise, Caroline & Danielle

    Short break out:
    Cash is King

    Yes, in a sellout price war world. Cash when it comes to services means long-term agreements. One of the fundamentals in cloud is the ability to move between CSPs, irrelevant of the reason why. Pay upfront, when it comes to IT services, is not cloud friendly: it’s a