Saturday, 21 July 2012

Cloud Compliance: Part 1 - The Basics

My first part about Cloud Compliance is now available on KnowYourCloud.

Short break out:
"Just for fun; a tricky question: What happens if an SaaS provider from Country A put its service on a PaaS provided from Country B? And, scary, the PaaS from Country B resides on an IaaS from Country C in Continent D? Is your organization cloud compliant in this scenario? Will any of the XaaS providers guarantee you’re cloud compliant? Let’s hope these scenarios won’t be frequent in the market in the future"
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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Do you think I'm a bit slow...

...on the blogg, Twitter etc? Well, I'm on summer vacation! :) 

Frequence will speed up mid August.

Wish you all a great summer!


One of a "million" comments... the post What is Information Security Really? by James Rees on Compare the A really great discussion about what InfoSec really is. I advise you to read some of the great comments and maybe tweet some a lot of other people already done.

Short breakout from the post:
"Looking at the examples above carefully you begin to see a pattern, nobody really knows what information security is, nobody really wants to do it as they think it costs too much and if they do have to do it, they will do the minimum required in order to tick whatever box they need to. This leads me to ask a question.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Short comment to ZDNet-post

Yesterday I wrote a short comment to the post Why too many cloud relationships turn sour on ZDNet by Manek Dubash.

Short breakout:
"About half the negotiations revolve around issues such as people, governance, processes, and compliance. "It used to be all about just the technology," Corbelli said. "Now it's about who you are, your culture, your reason for being, the peer-to-peer relationship. People want to know if you can be trusted, if you're on the same wavelength. They want to feel that their CFO can call your CFO and talk to them as equals."

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

"Customisation of IT: sorry, but it’s NOT the future. Customerisation is!"

My second and latest column on Outsource MagazineCustomisation of IT: sorry, but it’s NOT the future. Customerisation is!

Short breakout:
"What to do (1) 
IT businesses have to walk away from seller-centric and buyer-centric scenarios to “swap-centric”, "customised standard", Lego-bricks or whatever you would like to call it.
IT providers have to listen to their customers and offer open standard services from which a customer can choose add-on services – either from the provider or from other service providers. Build up services in block: don’t customise a service if your goal isn’t to be that special services provider who will get paid for the effort you put in it. Plus,

Friday, 6 July 2012

Comment to: "No excuse: Storms should not take down your cloud"

Interesting points by David Linthicum (@davidlinthicum) in the post No excuse: Storms should not take down your cloud on InfoWorld. Also a lot of interesting comments. Both agree and disagree so I commented it.

Short break out from the post:
"Despite the terrible weather, had no legitimate excuse for the outage. After all, most other cloud providers in the area were able to continue service. Powerful storms are not exactly an uncommon phenomenon in the mid-Atlantic region, so the data center should have been designed and run accordingly.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

A lot of buying...

There's really a lot of buying and fusions now and during the last year. Latest is Dell buying Quest and VMware buying DynamicOps. All the big ones; Microsoft, IBM, Citrix, VMware, Cisco, Google, Oracle, EMC and so on, buys A LOT. Is this good? Was the intention of the bought companies from the very beginning to be bought? Is it good for customers/consumers? Are the market/needs faster and broader than the big ones core and innovation? Will the bought company (or actually technique/service, maybe patent) implement and work well? Will it block other company's innovation because the bought technique/service isn't longer "available"? Is it just a buyer's race? A buyers race to prevent competitors to succeed more than actually improve their own service/offer - to more prevent others to get market shares than really get them their own. Really can't tell more than; competition is good and I don't know if these behaviors really encourage it and provide the best services to the market.

Just one of those in Max mind...

Monday, 2 July 2012

We are all the winners

In the latest issue of TeleComputing News I'm writing (in Swedish) about governance in general and TeleComputing governance specifically.

Short breakout in Swedish:
"Det här låter säkert som en klyssja men partnerskap är en nyckel till en lyckad IT-funktion vare sig den är helt inhouse eller om man som företag valt att outsourca hela eller delar av den. IT är för många företag inte kärnverksamheten, däremot är det den absoluta nyckeln för att kärnverksamheten ska lyckas. Därför måste det finnas ett samarbete mellan IT och verksamhet samt inte minst en förståelse från IT vad behoven är för att verksamheten ska lyckas. Lika viktigt är att information som påverkar behoven når IT-avdelningen. Vid en outsourcing av IT-funktionen är delar eller ibland till och med hela IT-avdelningen outsourcad, alltså att delar eller hela IT-avdelningen egentligen finns hos någon annan: outsourcing-leverantören. I det läget är det ännu viktigare att ett samarbete finns etablerat för att inget ska falla mellan stolarna eller att förväntningar faktiskt infrias."
Read the full article

Swedish and Nordic readers: if  you find the article great (maybe ok is more suitable ;) ) and informative and think I should translate it into English (incl making it general only) please comment or send me a mail.

TeleComputing Newsletter (in Swedish)

TeleComputings News #2 2012 (in Swedish) is out!

Read my governance article 'We are all the winners'.

Back from a vacation

Back from a one week vacation on the west coast of Sweden. Will give you some nice posts during the summer here on In Max Mind + KnowYourCloud and Outsourcing Magazine. I hope you will find them great enough to spend them some of your valuable “summerminutes”.