Wednesday, 31 October 2012

The confusing Google, the Halloween-ish Google

A couple of days or weeks ago the market informed that Google passed Microsoft in terms of market value and is now no. 2 behind Apple. No problem with that.

My problem or what constantly confuses me with Google is that they are nowhere and everywhere. And I don’t understand their strategy. Apple obviously has a lot of products and services to buy or subscribe to. Same goes for Microsoft and IBM as well. Facebook gathers people in a social media tool. Apple, Microsoft, IBM and Facebook attempt to rule some part of the IT and consumer world, and that’s ok with me.

But what part of the world is Google trying to rule? I would say every part. And that’s not ok with me. Especially since I don’t know what, how and who. Some might say I’m not well informed and so it might be. I’m not well informed about Apple or Microsoft either but I still know some basics about them based on my modest media coverage.

Google do great services and I use them many times every day: search, blogspot, analytics, translate, pictures, youtube, gmail, maps etc… and this is where it becomes scary.

Monday, 22 October 2012

Extreme Outsourcing

My latest post Extreme Outsourcing on Outsourcing Magazine is out. Enjoy!

Short break out - the bullets:
Here are some of my bullets to a good start for a greater outsourcing. 
  • Only demand things you really need. Ask for the rest. 
  • Let the service provider explain how to solve glue, integration, add on services with their standard procedures and services instead of demanding your nitty gritty procedures. Core business for service providers is to know how to solve things in their environment: let them. 
  • When you outsource, be prepared for change.

Friday, 19 October 2012

Post about the ZDNet post 'Cloud in five years' time'

My post where I explain why the post Cloud in five years' time is important has to wait until next week. I will try to publish it on another site than In Max Mind.

Great weekend!


Thursday, 18 October 2012

MMind, på svenska

Äntligen kör jag igång med mitt nya företag MMind (uttalas med ett M).

Jag kommer att köra ut info på LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook mm. Hjälp mig gärna att sprida, behöver allt stöd jag kan få. :)

Ni hittar all kontaktinfo, tjänsteutbudet, om företaget, partners och mer på

Låt oss göra affärer tillsammans!


MMind, in English

Finally! Hurrah! My new business MMind is read to support the market.

You find all the contact info, services, partners, about and more on Please help me sharing, I need all the support I can get.

Let's make great business. Together? Absolutely!

The MMind logo

Comment to Cloudwashing-post on GigaOM

Commented the interesting post 'Why cloudwashing is evil, or at least annoying and potentially harmful' by Barb Darrow (@gigabarb) on GigaOM. The post is a summary of Tony Lucas, Flexiant, session on GigaOm's event Structure Europe.

Short break out:

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

ZDNet post 'Cloud in five years' time'

Yesterday I read the post 'Cloud in five years' time' on ZDNet by Phil Wainewright (@philww). I think this is an important post that every IT Manager, CIO and Service Provider should read. My plan was to write a similar but Phil was faster... :) I will explain why this post is important in a post this week. Meantime; read it.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Two projects with the common denominator – Change!

So, what’s the reason I’m so slow here on the blog, Twitter, Outsourcemagazine and Newvems’ KnowYourCloud? Though no excuse I think I have two pretty good reasons.

1997, after three years on the customer service team at Microsoft Sweden I started my career as a technician (junior one I think…) at Kebne, which was bought by TeleComputing 2001/2002. Another three years on Microsoft (both Sweden and Norway), some as a field site technician/consultant, five as a Project Manager and finally five as a Product Manager I ended my career at TeleComputing this year in September. So, what now? Leaving IT business? No no, stepping up, giving myself the chance to IMHO deliver what companies and the market need. I’m starting my own business as a Cloud and ITaaS advisor. Company name will be MMind. Launch will be this week. More info to come.

The logo.

2008 my wife and I bought a non-mint condition house, built 1923 and renovated somewhere in the 60’s.

Cloud Compliance: Part 2 - Top 10 Tips

My latest post Cloud Compliance: Part 2 - Top 10 Tips is out on Newvem. This time I got great support from Ron Peled (@Ron1Pel), Security Specialist at LivePerson, the team at LivePerson (@LivePerson) and Ofir Nachmani (@IAmOnDemand) at Newvem (@Newvem). I salute their support.

Short break out from the post:
Here are Ron’s top ten tips for CSPs, whether you’re already a cloud player or plan to become one: 
  1. SaaS = TRUST. If you can’t provide a trustworthy environment, don’t provide it at all.
  2. Invest in security and compliance. Don’t skimp—it is fundamental to your business and its future.
  3. Customers will always have concerns and ask questions.