Sunday, 14 October 2012

Two projects with the common denominator – Change!

So, what’s the reason I’m so slow here on the blog, Twitter, Outsourcemagazine and Newvems’ KnowYourCloud? Though no excuse I think I have two pretty good reasons.

1997, after three years on the customer service team at Microsoft Sweden I started my career as a technician (junior one I think…) at Kebne, which was bought by TeleComputing 2001/2002. Another three years on Microsoft (both Sweden and Norway), some as a field site technician/consultant, five as a Project Manager and finally five as a Product Manager I ended my career at TeleComputing this year in September. So, what now? Leaving IT business? No no, stepping up, giving myself the chance to IMHO deliver what companies and the market need. I’m starting my own business as a Cloud and ITaaS advisor. Company name will be MMind. Launch will be this week. More info to come.

The logo.

2008 my wife and I bought a non-mint condition house, built 1923 and renovated somewhere in the 60’s.
4 years later this house is in absolute mint condition, everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, except the rack in an IaaS is new: pipes, cables, walls, roof, lists, chimney, garden etc etc. The IaaS, PaaS, SaaS and BPaaS are new. This is one of the most prestigious projects in my life – and I’m satisfied. During the last three weeks we’ve been renovating a room in the basement, nice but time consuming and VERY stressed. Why is this so time consuming and stressed right now? Because we’ve started the process to sell the house. We will move to Gothenburg summer-ish 2013. My wife is from Gothenburg so what the heck; if I run my own business controlled by me and my devices independent of place, get support from the rest of my family - why shouldn’t we?!

half-time basement pic (two weeks ago)
I hope you will keep on following me and support my new business. I will soon be back on track. Sorry, back on a new, changed track.


See you soon! :) Meantime, read my new post on Newvem Cloud Compliance: Part 2 - Top 10 Tips


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