Thursday, 14 March 2013

Dare to offer a General SLA

My new column Dare to offer a General SLA is out on Outsource Magazine.

Short break out:

SLA appendices: I’ve seen some bad ones. I’ve seen some good ones. I’ve seen one which was a really good one – and I loved it.

IT service delivery isn’t a senior service provider’s proviso anymore. “We’ve done this for 20 years, no one beats us!” might be a good call but it might also indicate you’re stacked in old habits. Thanks to new service delivery models like cloud computing and techniques like virtualisation etc. almost anyone can deliver quality IT services. It’s really not a problem to deliver for instance an SaaS service available all hours of the day every day of the year at a level of 99.99 per cent of that time. Price might differ but that’s almost every time a pricing game and/or an apples vs pears comparison. What really differs is the experience of how well people and services around the service work: service management and governance. But how do you provide a nice SLA to measure service management, especially when we’re not talking about doing X within Y amount of time. When customers want to measure the quality of the provider’s work and behaviour in general? How will you be able to be the one who customers chose in a rough economic climate?

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