Monday, 20 August 2012

Comment to 'Europe: Lots of cloud opportunity to tap'

Added a short comment to Barb Darrow's (@gigabarb) post Europe: Lots of cloud opportunity to tap on GIGAOM, or maybe more a comment/answer to the comment posted by Davetrw87: "It would be interesting to delve into why cloud computing has developed slower in Europe compared to the US."

Short break out:
"European cloud adoption has happened slower than in the U.S., but there are signs that it’s about to rapidly accelerate. At Structure:Europe, cloud luminaries will talk about how they see this change unfolding and what’s motivating it. Hint:
It’s not just about saving money."
My short comment:
I commented a similar post (US to Europe: “Eat My Cloud Dust) to this on CloudTweaks about two months ago. Short sum from that one: Most large CSP’s reside in the US this make US companies more positive since its “domestic”. EU countries are committed to follow both their own and EU laws and regulation. Many EU countries cannot domestically provide a full range of cloud services and EU companies are not fully safe to adopt cloud services from other countries (because of many reasons) than their own or they want to adopt from well-known CSP’s and they reside in the US… I think we will soon will see a mind change, maybe not tomorrow but adoption of “international” (EU, US or from elsewhere in the world) will steady increase in the future along with the increasing awareness of security, compatibility and last but not least compliance. At the same time companies need to start to become less conservative to the idea to “control” everything in dedicated on-prem and ITO-solutions. It’s time to get “multi culti”. On the KnowYourCloud community I’ve written a post about the multi culti cloud and I’m just in the beginning of my compliance series.


  1. Great post Max! I'm just now learning about cloud services, so I have been trying to read whatever I can find on them online. Thank you for sharing your informative comment with us.

  2. Thank you Mike! Appreciated.

    Please feel free to browse around my blog. If you need basic cloud info you can read my article Cloud by TeleComputing . Please ask whatever you want to know about cloud and I try to explain or ref to some good post/site.

    Again; thank you!