Thursday, 7 June 2012

Comment to comment & post

My comment to the @cloud_zone comment and the post Cloud computing : Aggregating trust, broker or bust? on ITProPortal by Matthew Finnie.

Short break out from the post:
"An organisation’s ability to ’try before it buy’s with cloud services, in theory, meant that there is no longer the need to employ a consultant to decide which service would work for them. When the confusion around cloud is lifted, the future of the cloud broker may morph again, or even become extinct. If the issue of trust still looms large for businesses, it could be the deciding factor that determines their fate."
Cloud_zone comment:
"How much are the brokers cashing in on thereported disharmony in some companies between the business and their IT departments? It seems from some articles I’ve read that there is often a lack of communication and understanding between the CIO/IT department and the business units about the speed with which applications, cloud computing especially, are being adopted ( ). Might this lead the business units to start their own tech teams or at the very least employ a broker to tell them what they can get from the cloud without involving the IT department?"
My comment:
"Good point and an important question. I don't want to see situations where business units run small IT-departments without any central coordination. Companies and IT departments need to speed up processes how to order and adopt, and speed the adoption speed when ordered. IT departments need to be involved in business goals to support them with the best of breed IT. Governance models are important internally too, not only in a customer <> (C)SP situation. Companies need IT departments and/or IT coordinating staff but if IT departments act retrogressive business units will start "self- adopting" = some sort of anarchy = sooner than later, more or less; chaos."

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