Friday, 8 June 2012

comment to a comment to my comment...

...on the post Working On A Cloud Software Service Level Agreement on CloudTweaks by Rick Blaisdell.

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I'm not sure if sarojkars comment was intended to comment my comment or comment the post...I think the later one. But what the h... I answered it. :) My comment/answer:
"@sarojkar Do you mean like a complete chain with several services included in a "full" ITaaS/XaaS? Or do you mean net, servers etc within the DC included in a SaaS? (Then it definitely should be included in the SLA) If ITaaS; it's definitely cool to deliver the chain of services from DC to user. It's a risk but definitely cool, you will certainly differ from many other SP's. As long as you can control services and functions in the chain + secure important and sensitive functions with redundant or hq components + not to forget; deliver top notch stable IT services, I would take the chance – you differ on the market. The weak part, according to me, because it's normally out of your control, is the carrier. A cloud service should normally be available from I-net and I wouldn't guarantee the whole chain when I-net is a part of it (which you of course could disclaim in the terms & cond). To me the chain delivery model is more applicable in an ITO model than in cloud, maybe in a private cloud. I agree: you should compare."

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