Friday, 18 November 2011

Opinions about pads

Tweeted a quite aggressive article from ZDNET called 'Who really needs a stinking tablet, anyway?' by James Kendrick.

Short version: he says he love his pad, he won’t give it up but thinks he wouldn't miss it if it disappeared.

Result from the tweet:

- 1 RT with the comment 'interesting'.
- 1 disagreement saying the article is more or less rubbish. (As I read it)

I love my "real" keyboard and laptop and would definitely not survive writing without it. No, I can't use a pad to write long stories. Many people love pads and can write long stories. And - it's ok. Taste of the day: vanilla. It's ok.

I would say the main reason was to create debates. You got to have some courage to question tablets now days. I encourage people who dare to tell their opinion or question things.

So, no, the article was according to me not rubbish. And the opinion that it was rubbish wasn't rubbish either.

The author created at least one to me known discussion and probably many more. So the author accomplished his mission; to tell he loves tablets and probably to get more people to use tablets.

Successful lobbying?!

The art of writing.

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