Friday, 18 November 2011

Quite fun "fog attack"

A driven and strong article about cloud by Brian Katz: 'Cloud Schmoud – Why no one really cares'. Quite fun too. ;)

Break out:

"People are talking about cloud as the next big thing that will solve all your problems. You need to save money, use the cloud, you need to secure your data, use the cloud, you want to make it easy to access your data use the cloud. It’s all bullshit. If you use cloud for any of these reasons and you don’t understand your fundamental business problems that you are trying to solve then all you’re doing is spinning wheels.

It’s time to start focusing on what you are trying to accomplish and less on whether you have the latest greatest thing. No, that doesn’t mean that cloud computing is irrelevant; on the contrary, it has a huge intrinsic value if it is used properly. But as a good friend of mine, George Reese, recently pointed out on Twitter, let’s stop calling it cloud computing and just call it computing. Does it really matter where it takes place in the grand scheme of things? Let’s spend a little less time waxing philosophical about Cloud or Big Data or whatever comes next and start looking at the best tools to allow you to solve your business problems and all the issues that accompany them."

Sorry but I really love when people cut the crap. :)

I don't totally agree with all this but it kind of gets to the point and the important thing; kill customer pains!

At least; do care about the customer and enjoy your weekend!

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