Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Cloud - by TeleComputing

Starting with my article Cloud by TeleComputing.

Short breakout:

"The Cloud - a word and concept challenging to define and constrain. No matter what we call a service or function, there is a specific purpose that makes the nomenclature a side issue; someone wants to satisfy a clients needs by providing a service and the client should not have to think about the technology behind it. Everything should work, be safe and available and of course be governed by an agreement, which also handles discrepancies. For it to attract a larger crowd, it should also bring value for the client. The value must be clear and understood by the buyer.

Cloud is good. Effectively used, it saves time, reduces costs and increases efficiency and production. Startup time is short and there is no need to invest costly infrastructure or specialists in a particular area. Of course there are general things to consider, i.e.:

· Purchasing role becomes more important. You should have good knowledge of your company's need for IT support and how to put together one or more cloud services.

· How cloud services are billed. For example, what are the activities, or other similar, that "triggers" a cost.

· What's included in the terms of support, updates and responsibility.

An IT outsourcing provider should support you in addressing these and other

When talking about IT and services provided to a computer, mobile phone or web browser I like to define it as cloud. It is not so dramatic. It is present and the future."


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