Tuesday, 27 September 2011

the Orchestrator

Orchestration is one of my favorite topics to preach. I will come back to it many times.

The cloud market increases. Public boxed clouds will continue to emerge and some systems will not be available for local installations. There will be systems and services that never will be able to put in the sky. So hybrids already exist and will continue to exist. Customers, on-premise and/or outsourced, will need help in this matters. I mean it is not possible for customers to have the competence to organize hybrids without a strong IT department or together with a partner. Here MSP and SP and IT departments have an opportunity and an important role to take because I think customers really need help with this. We need to bring best possible value to the customers; IT will be far too complicated for the customers and the Cloud to scary.

The role to take is the Orchestrator role.

Orchestration: an arrangement of events that attempts to achieve a maximum effect

First; know and/or take your position. Then, even if you’re an internal IT department; take the key role as a trusted advisor and organizer. Know how to combine on-premise (or outsourced) systems with public boxed and private cloud services - become a unified service provider, be thee partner. Customers should have only one contact in all IT related matters; evolve the SPOC to SPoSP – Single Point of Service Provider. You should be the primary contact to all of your customers systems and services. One should also know which services the market offer, you should be able to propose new and other services that will affect the customers IT in a positive way. Know well known issues, advantages and disadvantages of services – know the Cloud.

Become the Orchestrator!

Orchestration by TeleComputing

Premium is to be able to integrate several services and their provisioning systems in to a single provisioning system with a friendly user interface which also the customer can use.

One issue that might cause trouble is that the end customer has to sign the agreement with the service provider, even in the cloud. This might cause legal and invoicing issues. Microsoft has the syndication program but it’s only available for really large SP’s. The market, including Microsoft and other large ISV’s have to dig in to this, it has to become easier.

Please engage me if you want to know more about how I reason.

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