Friday, 23 September 2011

Great Reading: "The Cloud Diagnosed By IT. And It Isn't Pretty" by Brad Peters

To connect to my latest blog post Don't blame the cloud I would like to mention Brad Peters article about people running anti-cloud campaigns.

Short breakout where Brad Peters says:

"As the long-anticipated backlash against cloud computing begins, I want to thank technology journalist and IT consultant Frank J. Ohlhorst for making the strongest case yet for the anti-cloud camp… and in the process making the case for the cloud stronger than ever.

Recently, in a thoughtful and well-written blog essay, Ohlhorst sets out all of the arguments to make against companies adopting the cloud model over an in-house IT operation. He makes some very good points; but with a little scrutiny it quickly becomes apparent that the topics Ohlhorst doesn’t address are even more important – and telling – than the ones he does.

Here, in brief summary, are Ohlhorst’s arguments why companies should probably steer clear of the “hype” surrounding cloud computing these days. I’ll list each of his points in turn, then add my counter-argument:..."

Read the full article:

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