Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Comment to @DavidLinthicums post 'Employees get the cloud, but IT -- not so much'

David Linthicum (@DavidLinthicums) published the post 'Employees get the cloud, but IT -- not so much' on InfoWorld about that IT departments are slow in the adoption of cloud services. I think this a very interesting topic to discuss more. IT have to less conservative in their mind, it's not good for business - it's time for change.

Short break out:
"As in the case of most productive uses of new technology, such as the rise of the PC, the rise of the Web, the rise of mobile devices, and now the rise of the cloud, employees will drive ahead first. IT will follow. Call me crazy, but I think it should be the other way around."
My comment:
Yes, you are definitely crazy David. ;) But I’m not sure it should be fully the other way around.
Of course IT departments can’t be up to date in everything. There will always be early adaptors and geeks who will find out first.
IT departments (incl SP’s) need to focus more on what the business needs and how they want to use IT. Know your business. IT should be the trusted advisor to recommend and choose and then support and establish the best solution. This is why the CIO has to be a key role in a modern organization, a filter to explain tech<>business.
Today there are too many fights often with the bottom line: “no, we didn’t choose it so we won’t support it” + the fear: “will this mean I will lose my job?” That’s not a or the way to do good business.
User will kill pains if they get the possibility; let’s help them and the business.
Cloud will not take away any ones job; it might be in a different role in the future. And it might kill some darlings on the way… But you will definitely lose your job if you don’t adopt the best solution for the employer or can’t motivate why something shouldn’t be adopted + presents a good alternative.
IT departments and SP’s;
- Know your market / business
- Know what to adopt, what to not adopt and never forget to motivate why
- Present a roadmap what, when and how + what, not and why
A way to free up time to focus on business needs might be to adopt relevant cloud services instead of solving issues already solved in the cloud or as a service.
Still not keen adopting cloud because it isn’t techy enough? Change of career or employer? Techs are definitely needed at cloud service providers.

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