Thursday, 2 February 2012

'Think the cloud will cut your IT costs? Not so fast, say CIOs'

Wise article on TechRepublic by Nick Heath 'Think the cloud will cut your IT costs? Not so fast, say CIOs'.

Short break out:
"Listen to the hype about cloud computing and you’d think it provides a quick fix for the CIO who needs to cut costs in a hurry.
And while its on-demand model offers the promise of reduced spend and freeing the IT team from the drudgery of looking after physical infrastructure, CIOs remain wary about getting carried away chasing savings in the cloud."
My comment:

I agree to this post. You should adopt cloud services because it kills pains (and darlings) AND if it fit your business. You shouldn't adopt cloud services just because it is hype. At the same time you shouldn't forget that cloud services will increase and is one (the only?) of the future service delivery models (independent of if we call it cloud or not) so a good thing is to start look at it out of modern delivery model perspective. It might cost more to adopt if you go deeper in self operated services or similar.

One way, except the CRM ex in the post, you can consider i e public cloud services as a cost reducer is if you as a company start the journey towards more standard and less customized. It will most probably be too extensive to continue to customize everything.

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