Thursday, 16 February 2012

Comment to ZDNet-post 'Multitenancy & Cloud Computing Platforms: Four Big Problems'

Made a comment on the ZDNet post 'Multitenancy & Cloud Computing Platforms: Four Big Problems' by Eric Lai (@ericylai).

Short break out:
"Outside of the application space, things are well, more stormy. Take the Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) space. Providers here include Google App Engine, Windows Azure,’s, and others.
For enterprises - who usually have much more rigorous requirements than consumers - multitenant cloud platforms have plenty of disadvantages. That goes double for the developers serving those enterprises."
My comment:

"Sorry but I don't agree to this. It might be relevant on some levels if you talk about "pure" public cloud services. I won't discuss DB engines; I'm not at that level of DB knowledge. Though; the company I work for (TeleComputing (Nordic company)) produces complete ITaaS (PaaS, SaaS, DaaS and AaaS (customers’ business applications as a service)) on an multitenant platform and shared infrastructure to about 700 customers. ISV's can connect to its customers applications. Daily we are operation about 1100 different apps. If the app needs dedicated server (vm or physic) we will provided it. I can continue... I don't want to brag in anyway, I just want to tell a multitenant platform can be a success. The Nordic market doesn’t have the same size like companies in i.e. US and multitenancy might not always meet large enterprises demands. Or; reverse thinking; standard services and apps might be the future when std gets more customizable and custom more std - we can't in general afford "custom" in the future. This might also solve the issue to move apps in cloud<>@MSP's<>on prem (hope not) which as @Elaad says would be the way to go if we could unease this move."
TeleComputing does exist more on a hybrid and private cloud level and provide ITaaS. This article do point more on pure cloud but its important to say; you can succeed offering multitenant platforms and deliver XaaS well.

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