Tuesday, 20 November 2012

David Linthicums 'Cloud computing: The semi-secret economic equalizer'

Interesting read: Cloud computing: The semi-secret economic equalizer by David Linticum on InfoWorld.

Short breakout:
"As the study illustrates, the cost efficiencies of cloud computing are the same in third-world countries as in the developed world, and up-and-coming nations can leverage data, applications, and infrastructure that were once cost prohibitive. In turn, this increases commerce by facilitating the countries' entrance into the global markets."
"Also, this creates a cloud culture from the ground up. There is no corporate clash over the use of public cloud computing technology, as seen in larger U.S.-based businesses. These burgeoning groups have cloud computing or no efficient way to automate the business -- go cloud or die."
My short comment:

This is really interesting. I think about me (42) and my son (11). For instance: why should he use a local installation of Office? It's natural behavior to use a cloud version. Me: "hey, where's the "CD", I need to install..." 
The behavior to naturally adopt cloud and other new technologies by users/companies (=customers) all over the world is a golden opportunity for CSP's, SP's and definitely cloud management companies. I'm sure many customers need support to coordinate etc – help them orchestrate.
To add:

This is a fantastic opportunity for cloud management companies. I really think these companies/countries need a helping hand. Not only with procurement and adoption, I believe setting up policy’s, processes and support needs to be supported too.

At the same time orchestrators (M-/SP's and ITO providers) needs to be able to change; be able to deliver and orchestrate "multiculti".

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