Thursday, 8 November 2012

'Doomed?' on Outsourcemagazine

My latest post 'Doomed?' on Outsource Magazine is out.

"I ask myself, will it be a true shift where traditional IT outsourcing providers* becomes outmaneuvered by smaller service provider, cloud brokers, in-house IT departments and non IT service providers acting as orchestrators of future hybrid IT? A shift caused by:
  • Smaller SPs are able to change when the market does. Faster and shorter step to new decisions. 
  • Smaller SPs are able to operate, manage and orchestrate solutions earlier exclusively reserved the larger ITO providers. 
  • Non-IT service providers from mature branches bring money, resources and trimmed processes in to a sometimes immature IT world. 
  • In-house IT departments are able to orchestrate their IT solutions. They don’t have to focus on fundamental operations provided by IaaS, PaaS and A-/SaaS; they are able to concentrate on core/special services and work more innovative to bring value to core business. To become the internal trusted cloud broker to avoid de-centralised procurement/adoption of products and services. 
  • The act of “Fat and happiness”: instead of working innovative (know, predict and tell what the customer needs in the future) ITOs only focus on now! 
  • ITOs don’t use partnership to build success. They build everything on their own." 
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ITO's, SP's, non-IT SP's, "end-customers": Of course MMind is able to discuss in detail how your business can deal with this.

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