Tuesday, 20 November 2012

My long comment to: CIOs Say Corporate Directors Are Clueless About IT

Read the post CIOs Say Corporate Directors Are Clueless About IT by Kim S. Nash on CIO a couple of days ago. And it made me bit upset.

Short breakout:
Even as companies are relying more on technology to come up with innovative business models and fresh ideas for finding new revenue, many boards of directors don't understand enough about IT to keep up. Few CIOs sit on boards and, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers, just 1 percent of directors have any technology background at all.
Discussion of IT issues in meetings around the mahogany table can be measured in minutes.
My long comment:
A generally great post with great information, tips etc. But what upsets me is the fact. Sorry, IT is more important than playing in the sandbox so this will be a long and a rough one. 
This comment goes to CIO’s, management teams and member of the board representing business depending or heavily depending of IT. The ones with IT as absolute core I don’t think I need to comment – comment goes beyond these comments. The ones independent of IT (who’s that?!) is out of the scope. 
It’s remarkable to read that CEO’s and member of boards know such little of something so important. I would conclude it into two words: nonchalance and one of the seven deadly sins; sloth. “There’s an app for that!” 
Yes, it’s important that CIO’s are able to explain. Explain what’s best for business in an easy way, positive effects, cost, win etc. Though: sometimes you need support from someone with special knowledge or need a second opinion from a trusted advisor. 
But; if the CEO, the rest of the management team or members of the board aren’t able to understand because of total lack of knowledge (interest) then a true problem exist. 
Honored members of the board and management teams: 
Why are you a part of the management team or especially the board if you don’t know what the core keys to succeed are? Because you’re a general wise guy? Sorry but I don’t think you’re a wise guy if you don’t know what’s best for the business. 
As a member of the board or the management team you need to understand core business and the core elements a business success depends on. You need to know the market and the business model. Money, a great CV from another business and general business know how isn’t good enough. 
I don’t say you should be an IT Pro. I only say you should be very well aware of the importance of great IT, if it is important. Give the IT Pro (CIO, board member with great knowledge or and outside trusted advisor) the slot and importance of the slot leveled to the importance it is to your business. And you should listen humble and careful to the IT Pro when s/-he speaks. And you should be prepared to question what s/-he says. Otherwise there’s no point. 
If you tell the organization to be ready for change so shall you. 
This comment really goes to most of the companies that exist, wherever. You should know your market, the future of the market, your customer’, the future of your customers’. World economy does affect businesses good or bad it’s not the only part to blame when you start firing people etc because of a bad result. It’s lack of knowledge of the market and customers’ – bad management. 
I hope you understand my point: to understand the importance of great IT. 
I also welcome you to discuss with me or around my post on outsourcemagazine: ‘Thefuture role of the CIO: trusted advisor, or...?

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