Friday, 16 November 2012

'The future role of the CIO: trusted advisor, or...?'

My new post The future role of the CIO: trusted advisor, or...? is out on Outsourcing Magazine.

Short breakout:
"My humble opinions and questions: if you’re the outermost responsible for a department, area or the whole company as part of the management group, whom will you advise? To advise the board is seldom popular. To advise managers within the department/area is teamworking and management. To discuss and advise to this and that within the I-area with the rest of the CxOs is business as usual. A trusted advisor is someone who knows what’s best for you, a company, your business or responsibilities. It’s not a mentor but still a “professional friend”: a “professional friend” who’s not gaining from the advice more than the salary he/she gets to advise. The trusted advisor can be an internal or external person and higher or lower in rank. The relation can be formal or informal. The key is to give advice a client can trust."
Agree or disagree? Care and dare to discuss?

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