Friday, 21 December 2012

Enjoy Christmas!

I want to wish all readers, friends, followers and future business partners (to MMind) a Merry Christmas.

Here some wiseguys to follow (Twitter) 2013:

@jg21 @IanBergin @Maildistiller @joemckendrick @pbouillaud @IT_ToddNielsen @KnowYourCloud @RuV @TrolleSchultz @comparethecloud @christianve @diversetips @RuV @RazorThornLTD @SBLTD @IAmOnDemand @ReneBuest @simonlporter @utollwi @DavidLinthicum @CloudTweaks @RonVokoun @mthiele10 @pcalento @benkepes

If you miss one of Santa's reindeer's you know what happened... ;)

The reindeer Christmas horn is ready for are we.

Enjoy Christmas everyone! I will! :)

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