Friday, 28 December 2012

Part 3 in the Cloud Compliance series

My latest post, Part 3, in the Cloud Compliance series is out on Newvem. Please enjoy
Cloud Compliance: Part 3 – Choosing the Right (IaaS) Cloud Service Provider
Short break out:
In this part we will dig a bit deeper and detail the standards and regulations that some of the most common infrastructure (IaaS) Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) comply with and are certified for. CSPs are not always obliged to follow all regulations, but normally they have procedures to make their consumer cloud compliant. We also look at four of the IaaS giants and how they handle making you become cloud ready. To highlight some basic differentiators between EU and US CSPs, a well-known European CSP is included too.

Price wars are a compliance issue. If smaller and/or regional CSPs can’t compete in the cloud market because of heavy price dumpings, there will be a slower adoption phase within regions obliged to comply with certain laws and rules, for instance within the EU.

Nonetheless, Google announced that they now offer the possibility for EU consumers to store data within the EU only. I think we will see all the other CSPs to follow. This step will trigger more EU consumers to adopt from large US CSPs. It will not be enough, like Microsoft says; most probably the data will be stored in EU if you’re an EU consumer.
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