Monday, 17 December 2012

My a bit clumsy comment to 'Is Desktop Virtualization The Way To Go?'

I commented the post Is Desktop Virtualization The Way To Go? by Abdul Salam on CloudTweaks last week.

Short break out:
"So now let us look a little deeper on what desktop virtualization brings to the table. 
Here are some of the most notable benefits:
  • Global access through any device that can connect to the internet and have display and input functions like smartphones and tablets.
  • Most virtual desktop solutions also support local storage drives and printers, while others might use some local processing power like graphics and sound processing.
  • Allows for quick integration, upgrade, and change of applications for select user groups, individuals, and globally.
  • Enhance security and data integrity plus easy backup solutions. Minimize data theft from physical sources.
  • Work shifting –allows employees to work from anywhere there is an internet connection.
  • Cost savings on hardware purchase and maintenance. No more desktop computers to clutter up offices and produce mountains of trash during the end of its life cycle.
  • Cost savings because of the pay-per-use schemes available only for cloud computing solutions."
So I commented this one but I realized my comment was a bit embarrassing for me, especially the bio stuff. My purpose was to add not brag, even if the last crossed my mind after clicking 'submit'... My comment:

Great post Abdul. I end up with a short bio to “verify” my comment so it’s not a commercial. ;)In general I agree to your post but I want to add some points/pros. 
Thin clients:
  • Cost approx. the same as a mid-range computer. But there’s definitely some pro’s like ROI; less power consumption, fewer parts can be broken, longer life cycle
  • Minimize theft of the physical device itself
  • Low > no noise
  • Even if longer life cycles it’s not true they can live forever. It’s a myth that needs to be ripped apart.  Multimedia etc demands more power and better techniques = new TC’s
  • A perfect start in a BYO-program
  • More or less device indepentent
  • As you say you can quickly roll-out upgrades, new apps etc. But you’re also able to easily roll-back if something goes wrong.
  • Possibility to provide different OS and app versions to different users
  • Possibility to provide two or more apps to a user, apps that normally aren’t compatible with each other.
  • DaaS for MSP’s and CSP’s.
  • Management!
  • Bandwidth might be a problem if you allow aero UI, audio and video. Today it’s very difficult to tell bandwidth per session. You should restrict this if needed with policies, both written- (staff handbook) and group policies.
  • In most of the European countries there’s really not a bandwidth problem anymore. 
Short bio: I’ve been working 15 years at a leading Nordic SP of ITaaS and ITO based on a multi-tenant VD platform. In March last year I wrote a post named ‘”Citrix? Whew!” Or?’( to “re-release” faith in Citrix and primarily XenApp which the multi-tenant VD platform was based upon. I ended my employment at the SP in September and now more run my own consulting business focusing on advisory in Cloud, ITO and ITaaS.
I added a short apology:
I realized my comment could be read a bit snooty. I apologize in beforehand; my intention was to salute Abduls post and to add “verified” pros, not to brag. Truly sorry.

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