Thursday, 20 December 2012

My Cloud 2013 predictions

My Cloud 2013 predictions is out on Newvem: The Cloud is dead! Long live the Cloud!

Short break out:
  • We don’t see cloud as a problem. You adopt a cloud service if it fits your business. You install a system/application as part of your on-premise solution if it fits your business. You make them work together; there are some orchestrating apps and people for that.
  • It’s not an internal love affair between cloud service providers. It’s not even a love affair between cloud service providers and engaged IT Pros, evangelists, and journalists anymore. A sweet lasting smell of love is obviously starting to arise between cloud services and IT departments and non-IT business people.
  • The transfer of legacy applications (new cloud compatible versions, of course, and hopefully not cloudwashed) to IaaS and PaaS will accelerate.
  • Public cloud services continue to emerge faster than Private clouds. Organizations tweak themselves to fit into the service instead of the reverse, which is far too expensive… and truly not necessary.
  • Sensitive and personal data is being moved to the Cloud.
  • The use of Cloud as a buzz term will start to decrease but it will persist beyond 2013. And it will certainly remain as a term used to distinguish the source and delivery model.
  • Compliance and lock-in issues will increase. 
The hype is dead! Long live a great way to produce and use IT!

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