Monday, 14 May 2012

20 #CloudWisdoms

Since I started to twitter and blog I’ve published #CloudWisdoms. They’re ones which crossed my mind from now and then. They’re in different forms, some of them as Q’s and some of them maybe a bit “author novice”. From 1 – 20 in no special order more than a time line; please enjoy and hope you just think of one or two in the future when you think of cloud.
Pst….sccchhh…but…sometimes I kind of repeat and sometimes I really don’t know what I mean…#10…Sorry… ;) But; I haven’t modified one of them.
So…here goes:

#CloudWisdom 1-5

- Those who understand the customers´ pains and needs and who can act the organizer to meet these have an excellent position.

- Know your position and become the trusted advisor.

- On-premise solutions are not all things bad; they are important and sometimes indispensable - integrate them with the Cloud.

- A service in the Cloud is a service like any other service; don't make it difficult when explaining for the non-enlightened.

- Cloud is not a prefix to “everything”. Misuse will kill the good and correct use. The market will get tired before adopting.

#CloudWisdom 6

Private, public, hybrid, community and etc Clouds. On-prem, outsourced to an MSP or outsourced on-prem. Never forget; it is important for the one who delivers and puts it together but it is never important for the Management group - for them it should fulfill a need, unease a task and increase productivity with less spending. Habla deutsch - speak the same language as the customer.

#CloudWisdom 7

"All in" versus "We're in and we are serious about it", gambler versus trusted?
"All in" is seldom the right approach in business. Trustworthiness is.

#CloudWisdom 8

Embrace the hybrid, win in the cloud.

#CloudWisdom 9

Services and systems integrate. Ask yourself: can you or your provided service handle integrations or know how to answer if you/it can't?

#CloudWisdom 10

Virtualization will continue to emerge and will be the key to UI cloud services.

#CloudWisdom 11

Read a post on HP Blogs 'Cloud washed by wrong information' by Christian Verstraete (@christianve)

I don't like WishClouds or Cloud washed services, because I can't see the point, but try not to nitty gritty review others cloud services.

My #CloudWisdom 11;

If you want to spend time judging clouds; prefer acquit before condemn. And ask yourself: what is a pure cloud service?

#CloudWisdom 12

CIO is one of the key positions in cloud adoption.

Strengthen your CIO's position in the management group. Support is needed from the IT operations department, the management group and the organization. You won't succeed in cloud if you don't translate tech to business and business to tech.

#CloudWisdom 13

Will this be the unlucky 13th #CloudWisdom? No, this time you are really lucky!

Does cloud mean you’re being all left alone? No support? No SLA?


Answer: No.

There are tons of excellent cloud SP, -integrators and -“supporters” available to help you adopt and support the cloud.


#CloudWisdom 14

Sometimes they pops up... often by articles read during a day. Here is my #CloudWisdom 14:

PaaS M-/SP's; Look at the opportunity to provide PaaS to SaaS SP's. Become a SaaS platform provider and support the application providers to reach the cloud.
Application providers; Contact M-/SP's. Can they provide a PaaS; grab the opportunity to reach out in the cloud with your application. Become a SaaS provider in the cloud without building from zero or IaaS.

#CloudWisdom 15

Will you lose your IT-job just because the company adopts cloud?

Answer: No. But your role might be different.


Ask yourself: Doesn't cloud service providers need IT-pro's?

Don't fight the cloud, find the best solution. 

#CloudWisdom 16

Is adoption of cloud equal to put everything in the cloud?

Answer: No. You should adopt services which make you more productive, efficient, you can evolve with and cause you less headache compared to hosting them on prem.

Systems that works ok on prem and is not better fulfilled by a cloud service should remain on prem...until a better solution is available.

Cloud services should kill your pains, not reversed. 

#CloudWisdom 17

How do you lock in your customer without locking them in?

  • Governance – key key KEY 
    • Innovation and continuously improvement 
    • Listen to and talk with the customer 
    • Be a trusted advisor 
  • Great services 

But never ever make it difficult for the customer to walk away. Tech and agreement lock ins are no good for no one. True “trusted” lock in will keep your customer “locked in”.

#CloudWisdom 18

Taking the position as being the one not to blame because of "not invented here / don't blame me, the idea wasn't mine" isn't very innovative or wise. Deal with the cloud and find good solutions and services in a controlled manner. Fragmented adoption will not gain the company nor will defending darlings and tech invented ways of how the business should work do.

#CloudWisdom 19

Ok, so you've adopted a cloud washed service:

No rush. If the service works well and you don’t have big plans for your business, take it easy but don’t make new investments or enrollments within the service. Start scanning the market and grab the pure cloud service when you find it.

#CloudWisdom 20

Did you read the terms and conditions?

A: You should, pretty well.

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