Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Update about the garden wall’s

So what happened with the garden wall’s I wrote about in the post ‘My friend Mikael, the carpenter…’?

“Yesterday I talked to Mikael about building two walls in the garden. I asked him: “Do you think one bag of concrete (20-25 kg mix) is good enough for each pole?” Mikael: “Nooo…. You know, when the wind starts to blow… its quite powerful… you should dig quite deep and use quite a lot of concrete. But, don’t you have something to fasten and secure it to, like…the house?” Me: “Yes,
that’s a point.”
“I really hope the IT business become more mature and start to think and act like Mikael.
And I really hope businesses start to understand how extremely good it can be to talk to IT professionals when implementing IT solutions.
Co-operate; but never underestimate an advice from a pro. When buying IT as a service some discussions aren’t necessary at all – “its” included. As I mentioned in the ‘+ the Cloud LESS control button’–post; some things you can do on your own, some things you need advice and support to execute, some things is better to be solved by professionals. Building walls are (for me) somewhere in the middle.”

The garden wall’s project has come to an end. I’m done!

I had some problem coordinating three projects at a time. One I had to put on hold because of weather conditions and the other two (walls and “pebbles bed” (in the background)) of them finished almost at the same time.

I did have problem when painting, it was raining. During this stop I was able to do some improvement on the construction so I really didn’t waste any time because of the rain.

During the project my wife and I talked and figured out that to get the best result the wall should be covered with metal plates on the top. Metal plates would give us the nicest design, best cover and visually tie the walls better together with the house. As mentioned; some things you can do on your own…some things is better to be solved by professionals… Bending plates isn’t something you should do on your own, even if you get good advice… I called Håkan, the sheet metal worker.


Pretty nice I think

IT projects are normally not dependent of weather conditions but you always have to know from where you start, what to achieve and when;

Plan your IT project. Evaluate design and risks. Be ready to change plans if needed. Execute with momentum. No stress when rollback’s isn’t an option. Sign off when done.

Cloud and ITaaS doesn’t need the upfront investment like building a wall or setting up systems on-premise. Though the project itself isn’t for free some activities are already done when buying IT as a Service. And; you need to be part of the project.

On the agenda:

Unfreeze and end the frozen project because now it's warm enough to paint the garden deck. And hey; we might pop some champagne there too. ;)

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