Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Response to a Twitter Q from @opendatacenter

My response to a twitter Q from @opendatacenter about Info Security’s post Security is driving Cloud adoption.

Here are a couple of reasons SMB’s might trust cloud more than Ent (no specific order):
  1. SMB’s has shorter way to decision and policy changes.
  2. SMB’s hasn’t same expensive and heavy solutions to drop (kill darlings) or isn’t as complicated to integrate with.
  3. Though both SMB's and Ent might have single vs many experts and therefor have problem to let go of detailed control and kill darlings SMB’s can reason and decide easier and faster (point 1). And this cause the ability to overcome and let go of detailed control.
  4. SMB’s understand they can and have to take advantage of scalable and shared resources. Resources they never could afford to buy and / or implement.
  5. Ent might have caused their own lock in sometimes.
  6. Politics, bureaucracy… 
In the end the; people who work on SMB and Ent are humans, humans are quite the same so the last bullet might be the most “obvious” reason. Also; we shouldn’t forget that Ent might have more cloud services but not that high %-level of cloud adoption of the IT budgte as SMB’s.

Make sense? :-)

Thanks for asking me.


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