Tuesday, 29 May 2012

S'il vous plait, please habla Deutsch!

My first post on Outsource Magazine: S'il vous plait, please habla Deutsch!Or; try to keep it somehow simple and speak the same language as the customer.

Short breakout:

"One of the most annoying definitions right now is (IMHO) "co-sourcing". Be honest now: who do you think can deliver IT services or IT outsourcing without co-operation, partnership and divided and joint responsibilities? If those days ever existed they’re gone now. There is nothing odd in dividing functions in an IT outsourcing as long as you write it down on a paper like
…like…like an agreement and a process. IT outsourcing, like any other type of business, needs to be innovative and evolve with market trends to attract its customer. This without calling it 2.0 or renaming IT: I still like to call IT outsourcing IT outsourcing."

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