Sunday, 6 May 2012

A comment to: Don't be so trigger-happy for a remote wipe

Commented the post Don't be so trigger-happy for a remote wipe on InfoWorld by Galen Gruman (@MobileGalan).

Short break out:
"But too many in IT are overly eager to pull the remote-wipe trigger. It's a serious weapon, the equivalent of a neutron bomb being set off in an iPad, iPhone, Android device, Mac, or -- with third-party tools today and a new OS this fall -- Windows PC. Like any tool with such overwhelming capabilities, it should be used with caution.
My a bit frustrated ;) comment:
Sorry but isn't the point that you can use a MDM system to do backups (scheduled or not), lock before wipe, set special policies etc?! Not to discuss whether or not it was stupid of the guy to let his daughter use the phone or if it was a poor example?! 
The purpose with the article is good. Of course you need to do wipe sometimes but not always. I agree with Mike Carmack; it is an InfoSec issue. The company policy rules and it should be well informed in the organization. But policies can as everything else evolve so - no, maybe it doesn't have to be that way. 
Problem do exist with MDM systems, or rather the devices and OS's: all different ifs and buts on different devices and OS's. I'm also looking forward to a MDM system which for real can handle phones, tablets and PC's. Today there's a gap. Next SCCM?

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