Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Another BYOD-post commented

BYOD must be my windmill (Don Quijote)! ;)

Added a comment to the post 'Cisco: Nearly half of IT managers still against BYOD trend' by Rachel King on ZDNet.

Short break out:
"Tablet computing in the enterprise world is about to hit a major turning point in 2012, but there are definitely some serious roadblocks ahead, according to a new report from Cisco.

The global survey found that IT departments are now getting one tablet request for every three smartphone requests. That could possibly be attributed the statistic that 48 percent of companies surveyed said that they would never authorize employees to bring their own devices to work.

That’s not good for proponents of the BYOD trend if nearly half of IT decision makers are still against the idea."

My comment:

During the last months I’ve commented some BYOD-posts. Also created a 3 step BYOD-story on 1. ‘What is, why trend’ 2. ‘A possibility for “the cool guys”’ & 3. ‘When the possibility becomes a demand’. I agree to many of the things @bobiroc points out but I also think many don’t think one step further and look for whom BYOD is for and maybe the biggest issue when the nice BYOD possibility becomes a demand. You should think wisely before implementing a BYOD-program (At the same time you have to differ BYO from UYO, to me it’s not the same thing.). So; I think it’s wise many IT-managers takes some time to consider BYOD.

My stand; Provide the users with the equipment they need to fulfill their tasks at a glance. Let the user choose from an ending list of devices (UYO) (Endless lists are really not necessary to offer).

/DQ a.k.a. Max

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