Sunday, 29 January 2012

Comment on ZDNet post

Last night I made a comment on ZDNet to the post 'Your next laptop could have Microsoft's Kinect built into it' by Sean Portnoy.

Short break out:
"Microsoft is finally delivering on its promise to bring Kinect to the PC with official support, but most people would probably assume it would be most useful with a desktop. Nonetheless, it appears that the motion-control technology could also show up on portable systems."

My comment:
I think it will be useful to other areas than the disability space only. Some versions away but; what if you could multi task with hand, eye and face?! And when doing presentations - no presentation device/mouse or keyboard push necessary? Also remember that a lot of people are having problems with hands, elbows and shoulders without qualifying in to the disability space. Sure I can think about a lot of more activities and areas.

On tablets? Naeee...not really, for the moment...

I think this could be useful, maybe not in the first version but definitely in the future.

What do you think?

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