Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Comment to the last post

Hopefully my comment won't disappear now. If, here you go:

"Thanks for a good read. I so agree.

Reproduced and a bit changed (my first one disappeared):

Of course there are concerns about security, who to blame if it fails etc. And no doubt; cloud services should be secure, reliable and available. But my opinion is that cloud won't get people out of work. It's not like the IT is a decreasing market. Technicians are so needed even if adopting cloud services. We should see it as a possibility to evolve; it might end up in a different direction and role. Companies need to have technical experts, they need policies and trusted advisors, and they need orchestrators to wrap up the complete IT delivery.

It seems like discussions often end up in two teams; the tech team vs the management team. We have to silo and come closer; business to tech and tech to business. Just look at the change of the CIO-role the filter to tech and business. CIOs has an important role, has to be strong and should focus to meet the core business needs to a given budget. Some services will be cloud, and some not.

Cloud is in some way a change in IT delivery and we have to adopt some the services sooner or later, or maybe sooner than later.

Fighting a good reliable, secure and available solution is good. Fighting cloud just because you dont like it or just love the way you designed it might be read like retrogressive.

Also; think about working at a cloud service provider quite techy indeed."

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