Friday, 20 January 2012

Comment to the post 'Are ‘Cloud Hubs’ the Way of the Future?'

Commented the post 'Are ‘Cloud Hubs’ the Way of the Future?' by Sarah Rich on Government Technology.

Short break out:

"The pressure of moving government applications into a cloud-computing environment is rapidly building as government agencies look to cut IT costs. According to a new report, the concept of “regional community cloud hubs” among government entities will greatly change the way state and local government procure cloud services."

My comment:

"Interesting read.

Sorry if I don't know all rules and laws in the US (I'm Swedish). But isn't this what traditional multi-tenant service providers do? Or maybe; should do with the cloud services entering the market. In Sweden a private (tenant or multi-tenant) service provider can offer services to both private and the public sector's (some special procurement instructions for the authority). Service Providers add supporting services and should do more orchestrating on the service management level to be able to provide the customer with the best (hybrid)(community) solution/cloud. So; isn't a "cloud hub"-provider a multi-tenant service provider? Why should the government do this when private multi-tenant service providers exist? A service provider who most possible can offer special governmental areas plus have support and orchestration services established. Why should the government start a service providing business?

Sorry if I misunderstand the purpose or aren't enough informed about US governmental rules and laws."

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