Thursday, 5 January 2012

Comment to Ken Hess ZDnet post 'Consumerization: The New Colossus'

3rd of January Ken Hess (@kenhess) published a post named 'Consumerization: The New Colossus' on ZDNet. Worth reading, also the comments. Added this comment to the post today:

I do agree with @aep528 in some cases. Also agree with many of the other comments, concerns and hurrahs. On my blog I'm writing a 3 step story about BYOD where I've published step 1 and 2. I'm really not so in to BYO, I really can't see the point and it will cause an administrative mess. Though my biggest concern is, which my step 3 will be about; when the possibility becomes a demand.

The demand might be a consequence of @aep528's company benefits. What will happen when companies demand you to BYO? I think as Ken say independent contractors will increase and as a dramatic consequence a personal "gold" service agreement attached to your device might be the key to keep your employment or not. And I think this will be a bigger problem than we might think. Why? There are a lot of employers who always try to use laws and systems at a maximum and with a mind set of “is there a possibility – use it”. In Sweden, where I live, there are rigorous rules of how and when you can fire somebody but firing will be easier if having independent contractors. And this will cause disorder in the society. No, I don’t mean BYOD will turn all things upside down but it will make people upset.

Also consider there are a lot of groups who never will afford bring their own. As I say in my part 2 I think BYOD is a possibility for “the cool guys”.

The future employers have to be attractive to attract good people. One way is to allow BYO. But if I was a good prospect to employee I would say “please give me the device” instead of asking “can I bring my own?"

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