Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Comment on the post 'Platform-as-a-Service: The Game Changer'

Great short read: 'Platform-as-a-Service: The Game Changer' by Kevin L. Jackson on Forbes.

Short break out:
"Developers can create and deploy software faster. Agencies can lower their risks, promote shared services and improve software security via a common security model. Data centers can leverage PaaS to make their infrastructure more valuable. PaaS can lower the skill requirements to engineer new systems and can lower risks by taking advantage of pretested technologies."

My comment:

Fed, gov or not;

You have to have certain skills to buy and run IaaS. Skills you might not have in your org, because it isn’t core business.

I think PaaS will see great market growth in 2012 and the coming years. PaaS-providers should take the opportunity to offer PaaS to SaaS-developers and providers. Cloud and SaaS SP’s might not want to build platforms and don’t have the skill to do it. They just have focus on developing and offer their service. There are tons of vendors who want to reach out with their applications etc in the cloud; PaaS is one, quite easy way to reach the goal.

I really think this is a opportunity for MSP's to increase their business.

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