Monday, 5 March 2012

"10 low-stress jobs for IT pros" commented

Delivered a provocative comment to "10 low-stress jobs for IT pros" by Justin James on TechRepublic.

Short break out:
"It is hard to say that there are any truly low-stress or stress-free jobs in the IT industry. IT workers operate on tight deadlines, mistakes can take entire companies down (or worse), and there never seem to be enough people to do the job. To make it even harder, IT pros are often asked to work with and even take direction from people who really have no clue about the technical details. But it is still possible to have a job in the IT industry that reduces many or even most of these pain points. Here are 10 IT industry jobs with relatively low stress levels."
My comment:
I won't discuss the stress factor for each one of the mentioned or other not mentioned.

Look at it from a customer perspective on no 2-10. Create a less stressed organization: outsource and / or buy and adopt ITaaS / cloud... Stop in-housing these type of resources and roles. Make the stress / no stress situations the service providers pleasant responsibility.

I know I'm generalizing and making it easy for me and easy for others "attacks" and opinions.
Note! I know IT jobs are more or less stressful and I don't downplay any role or the issue people are stressed at work. Just looking at it from another perspective and to provocate a bit.

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