Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Top Cloud Tweeters to follow

Maildistiller (@maildistiller) presented the post 'Top Cloud Tweeters to follow' on maildistiller.

Breakout and motivation:
"CloudComputing is one hashtag that seems to be applied to almost every tweet that arrives on our Twitter stream. So how do you know which ones are worth the effort of that extra click? I decided to use the @Maildistiller Twitter stream as the basis of a little experiment in an attempt to uncover which #CloudComputing tweeters are ahead of the pack and making the sort of noise that leans towards the retweetable.
I’m holding my hands up; my metrics are very basic and not particularly scientific, so no need to bring that to my attention! I’ve simply based this top tweeters, quick fire list on four things:
  1. Use of the #cloudcomputing hashtag.
  2. Interesting tweets on #cloud
  3. Regularity of tweets/no. of followers.
  4. They have appeared on the @Maildistiller twitter stream."
I'm honored. Thank you.

Recommendation is to follow all the guys and girls on the list if you want to know more about cloud and cloud computing.


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