Wednesday, 14 March 2012


Yesterday I visited Cisco Plus 2012 in Stockholm. Of course with focus on network and communication. Also big focus on BYO, virtual desktops, video and UC which all are close related to network and communication.

Today I read a post about IT departments and leaders who are worried over cloud and video bandwidth demands (‘IT stressed over cloud and video bandwidth demands’ by Brandon Butler on InfoWorld.

Last week I visited NetApp Innovation 2012 in Stockholm. Focus of course on storage and Big Data.

Yesterday on the Cisco event I got this re-Eureka! moment again. “Network, communication and storage are so important. How can I forget? I wonder if everyone understands how important good, fast and reliable infrastructure services are.”
I often talk about the availability to the application or service. Service levels should be measured on availability and reliability to the service and that it actually works ok (functions, integrations etc). Underlying infrastructure and platform services, functions and components behavior and availability are the service provider’s responsibility and pleasant concern. According to me they should be included in the SLA on the application.
I still think the end user experience (functionality, reliability and availability) of the service or application is the most important – a computer, pad or smartphone without an app are quite useless. Of course you could use local applications, save emails in your draft and you could run local VM’s etc but sooner or later you will need to communicate and store your data fast and safe. Fact is; you will never be able to use your application, store data, make video conferencing, connect and collaborate bring your own without communication and / or storage services and solutions.
So, what’s the deal?
  • You have to dimension bandwidth to fit what the service demands – videoconferencing does use bandwidth.
  • You have to have reliable network and communication equipment and links.
  • You have to dimension the storage solution to fulfill the speed, scalability, security etc you need. It most probably should be HA and redundant.
  • If your business demands it; use diverged links plus network and communication equipment.
There are no workarounds available if you want to ensure functional and reliable IT!
One reason you should adopt ITaaS or cloud is because some of the above are included in a service and are a service provider’s responsibility, or they can help you and recommend the best solution. But to reach your service and / or say yes to the purposed solution will always be your call. You shouldn’t be wasteful but never ever be greedy when it comes to storage, network and communication – they’re core.

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