Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Would you bet on your security?

Read the post 'Most IT professionals wouldn't bet on security of own networks: report' by Rachel King, @zdnetrachel, on ZDNet.

Short break out from the end of the post:

So, if IT security professionals are this skeptical about the security of corporate networks, how much trust can the rest of us reasonably place when accessing these networks — whether it be with personal or work devices?

Unfortunately, the reality is likely that most employees won’t notice (or even care) one way or another — leaving so much personal and corporate data at risk at a time when many experts from the likes of Cisco, McAfee and Verizon are constantly reminding us that targeted attacks on networks and mobile devices are increasingly rapidly.
My reply:
If you bet on it you can also bet on when you will be attacked. Ok, you might say that you wont conquer the market if you don't have self-confident, are a bit cocky and take some risks. But if the risk is you getting attacked and you are responsible for your companies or customers security and data I would step back a bit from betting. If you win you will conquer but if you lose you will lose confident.

But; of course there is a problem if environments lack in security. As a user it's not good for self-confidence and productivity to even think you might have security breach... Hopefully its just awareness stopping you from betting and not the fact your environment lack in security, then there is a big problemat least arising.

Chicken? Nope, just aware.

@maxbuchler, a user and I feel quite secure (ooops...I didn't say that. And it's definitely not a bet)
For sure; security has to be top notch, especially since accessing data from different and several devices increases.

Would you bet on your security?

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