Monday, 5 March 2012

End of PC era?

Earlier this evening I commented the teasing post "Windows 8 Proves That The Death Of The PC Is Greatly Exaggerated" by Erik Kain (@erikkain) on Forbes.

Short break out:
"Every now and then we hear rumors of the death of the PC. The rise of the tablet, and especially the iPad, makes these rumors far more common. Take this article in the New York Times, titled “As New iPad Debut Nears, Some See Decline Of PC.”

To be fair, it’s a reasonably balanced article, noting in the end that it’s much more likely that tablets and PCs will simply become more indistinguishable. This is certainly true, especially with Microsoft’s touch-centered Windows 8 operating system.

Windows 8 is designed to be used across many devices. Far from abandoning the PC, Microsoft is trying to anticipate its future."

My comment:
I so much agree in this. I might be the “old guy” loving his PC and the tablet “rise” still hasn’t conquered my mind and fingers. Maybe it’s so I then to easily defend and praise posts like this. But no, it isn’t. Tablets are really good for many tasks, phones are good for many tasks, PCs are good for many tasks but neither single one of them covers two of the other one’s core tasks well enough, or even at all. I really need my laptop with integrated keyboard to write tons of text, I won’t succeed with it on a tablet. I don’t want to connect tons of devices to a tablet to be able to succeed, and then the phenomenal ease of use will disappear.
How about the “anywhere from any device”? Not the “anywhere from one device”. PC-era will die the day when we really don’t need it…and then the tablet-era will die too.
“Rise of mobility, usability and productivity” – regardless of which device you use!

/The grumpy old guy

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