Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Apple - the rise and the fall?!

Short one:

When Apple started their crusade to win the device battle with the release of iPod, iPhone, iMac and iPad, with all the patents and license agreements connected to them, they also started their journey to lose more than they won. Not today, tomorrow or next year but I'm quite sure they not will dominate the market within a decade. When trying to rule the world with too many rules and no partners to team up with, you always end up short in a quite short time. It works when you go to a specific market but not when you go to the mass and the mass like it, the mass will always, sooner or later, start to like something else whether or not it is cheaper, more expensive, better or worse.

With the driven business mind Apple (and others) have; add teaming, openness and humbleness. Then success normally ends up good. Those three are far to underestimated.

Just a Max mind.

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