Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Royal Copenhagen

This morning posting my latest blog post DaaS, Part 1... I copied the link and tweeted it...then to get more readers I tweeted it again with mention to followers who helps me spreading my posts and tweets + hopefully enjoys them too. The problem was...during my big cup of morning coffee, trying to wake up, I looked at some really nice china from Royal Copenhagen. So I copied the latest link and tweeted the china... :o Exactly like @johnlkinsella said: "pebkac". :)

So what to do? Well, let's go to royal Copenhagen and check the Royal Copenhagen china out. When? Monday the 17th - VMworld! Yes! :) I hope to meet you there.

And of course - the china: http://www.royalcopenhagen.com/shop/shop-series/1/dinnerware/136/flora Think about this; one of each. Lovely top notch kitsch on the coffee table!

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