Thursday, 13 October 2011

Energy consumption

There are a lot of articles and tweets about how cloud computing will cut energy consumption and costs in the future. One example is a report from Pike Research which says “that the adoption of cloud computing will lead to a reduction of data center energy consumption of 31% from 2010 to 2020.”

The report also quotes senior analyst Eric Woods who says “Cloud computing revenue will grow strongly over the next decade, with a CAGR of almost 29%. But the reduction in energy consumption will be even more significant. Massive investments in new data center technologies and computing clouds are leading to unprecedented efficiencies."
CAGR - Compound Annual Growth Rate

You can find a lot more to read about this on the web.

It is important that we can increase our productivity and efficiency by adopting cloud computing. It is also important putting on-premise solutions in modern data centers (with modern hardware), whether or not outsourced. Unfortunately many of the on-premise solutions are not that modern and won’t be upgraded that often like an MSP’s. Green IT might be a buzz word but never underestimate the importance of energy consumption; it will save money and definitely save our environment and the earth. A earth with limited resources.

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