Thursday, 6 October 2011

DaaS, Part 2 (3 of 3) – what happens when you provide it with a Microsoft OS?

Recap, Part 2 (1 + 2 of 3): As an MSP you have to use licenses from the SPLA Program if you want to offer solutions based on Microsoft software which also includes licenses. Windows 7 Enterprise is definitely the OS you want to provide your complete managed DaaS.

The Issue
When working with managed services and SCCM, as the “manager”, you cannot use OEM-versions as OS-license because you can’t control the license, it belongs to one specific computer, and you cannot handle one image for every PC. Neither can you use non VL-licenses, like the Windows 7 Ultimate, because they use traditional Microsoft licensing servers and not KMS or MAK (read more). You are stacked to use either licenses from VL or SPLA.

Check the picture in chapter 2 again which says; “The Windows 7 Enterprise operating system (OS) is available to Microsoft Software Assurance customers”. This means you can find the Windows 7 Enterprise version in the VL Programs, if you signed up for SA. This is a fact and I won’t go in to that discussion even if I think you should be able to buy it without SA. So this is fine if you as an MSP want to offer a managed DaaS where the customer is responsible for the licenses.

A complete managed DaaS where the license is included should then use Windows OS license from the SPLA program. Here is the big problem; Microsoft only offers Professional in the SPLA Program! According to Microsoft; Windows 7 Enterprise is an SA benefit. According to me; SPLA is in a way SA too, you have the right to run the latest version; SPLA is the way to offer services including the license; Windows Enterprise is the version for companies; why isn’t it available in SPLA? MSP doesn’t need the other SA-benefits but we need the Enterprise version and I really think we’re paying for it.

Going back to the DaaS, part 1; as a MSP you will not be able to fulfill 100% because if you want to give enterprises enterprise options customers have to buy or subscript their own licenses from a VL agreement. Today there is no way to deliver a complete managed DaaS. Microsoft; please do check this out; you are making a mistake here. I’ve talked to a lot of people at Microsoft about this; both on Nordic, EMEA and Corp level but no one really understand or can explain why it isn’t available in SPLA. My intention was to discuss this on the DaaS round table at Microsoft Hosting Summit 2011. Unfortunately all the talk was about VD’s, AppV and other V-things – yes, “the other” DaaS…

Microsoft, you haven’t done your homework in this matter. Adjust to the market like you did with the excellent License Mobility. Make the Windows Client Enterprise SKU available in SPLA Program. It really can’t be that difficult.

Don’t misunderstand me, I love Windows 7 Enterprise and we want to offer it in our services, but we can’t.

The end of DaaS, Part 2 – what happens when you provide it with a Microsoft OS? Thank you for reading the whole story.

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