Sunday, 23 October 2011

Office Web Apps

Yes, as many of you know I am a Microsoft fan, even if they do frustrating things from time to time.

One thing I love from Microsoft is Office Web Apps (read more about Office Web Apps). I think the apps are simple and "good enough" for a lot of tasks. They are available from SkyDrive (personal use), Office 365 (E2 and above plus K2) and if you install it on a SharePoint.

I think it would be great to let companies take part of Office Web Apps to a reasonable price / license by making them available on non-SharePoint web servers. It would be a way in to cloud, Office 365 and maybe SharePoint. It would also be a good way for companies who have "full users" using full Office and "field users" to give the "field users" the light Office (Web App), since they often is on the field and don't need more than light Office. It would solve a problem + it would keep companies from going to other free / cheaper and lighter web apps.

Just an idea!

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