Tuesday, 18 October 2011

#CloudWisdom 1-5

#CloudWisdom is my own hash tag on Twitter and, from now, her on my blog. The purpose is to share my basic thoughts and ideas about easing up the Cloud in a short and easy and, never the less, important way. They shall give the novice basic “aha’s” and “don’t be afraid-info”. They should trigger the experienced to ask themselves; do I tell my story easy enough? They shall give you wisdom about the Cloud.

To get better tracking, following and attention I will from now on publish them on both Twitter and here on the blog.

Published #CloudWisdoms at Twitter:

  1. Those who understand the customers´ pains and needs and who can act the organizer to meet these have an excellent position.
  2. Know your position and become the trusted advisor.
  3. On-premise solutions are not all things bad; they are important and sometimes indispensable - integrate them with the Cloud.
  4. A service in the Cloud is a service like any other service; don't make it difficult when explaining for the non-enlightened.
  5. Cloud is not a prefix to “everything”. Misuse will kill the good and correct use. The market will get tired before adopting.

Hopefully – please feel a bit wiser.

/wiseguy ;)

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